Freelance services for book-keeping and management accounting:

  • Interim management and projects
  • Bridging of personnel gaps
  • Internal and external book-keeping / management accounting for small and medium sized companies and freelancers
  • Conception, structure and implementation of financial and commercial functions
  • Accounting in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IFRS)

Our understanding:

  • We are not just consultants, but problem-solving, business-orientated, flexible, and diversified.

What inspires us:

  • Implementation of new business approaches and controlling elements, creation of transparency and project realization, also with international environment.

Why we can do it:

  • We possess many years of financial expertise, experiences in leadership and in project management, particularly in: banking, manufacturing, commercial, logistical, and publishing companies.
  • contoteam has many years of experience in book-keeping and payroll accounting.
  • Furthermore, we are certified chief accountants, chief accountants international and IFRS-accountants.

You can book us: (examples - free negotiable)

  • On a per diem (one or two days per week or month)
  • For several months on a full-time basis (for financial statement preparation, annual budgeting, specific projects)

Carolin Schnell is a member of b.b.h.(externer Link) Bundesverband selbständiger Buchhalter und Bilanzbuchhalter.