Internal Accounting

  • Cost accounting (by type, by cost-center, by unit, and by project)
  • Implementation of controlling and management reporting and information systems
  • Preparation of liquidity planning, cash flow statements and capital expenditure budgeting
  • Implementation of controlling software (e.g. "Corporate Planner")
  • Provision of calculations, break-even analysis, contribution and activity-based costing
  • Planning, budgeting, and reporting to shareholders
  • Head office reporting
Management Reports
  • Analysis of balance sheet, financial ratios and commentaries of operational results
  • Preparation and support for business presentations to banks
  • Preparation of decision agenda to senior management
  • Cash-flow- and break-even-calculations
CFO / Accounting Management
  • Interim-management for finance, accounting, and controlling during periods of personnel vacancies
  • Support senior for important marketing and strategic management in relevant business issues
  • Management consulting, project management and coordination with chartered accountants and tax advisors
Office Management
  • Providing of commercial correspondence
  • Invoicing
  • Participation in internal and external business meetings
Personnel and personnel recruitment
  • Employee training
  • Recruitment of accounting and financial personnel at all levels

External Accounting

Bookkeeping (according to § 6 No.4 StBerG):

In case we prepare your accounts there will be a preliminary interview to define and analyse your accounting and informational requirements.

The following services are available:

  • Recording of day-to-day transactions utilising the modern software system "Lexware premium" (DATEV-compatible)
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly reports to enable company management and cash flow control
  • Review and commentary of the reports
  • Planning and development for your enterprise including consulting

Further services on demand (e.g. specific analysis reports)


In case we perform your payroll accounting your requirements and information needs are ascertained in a personal interview, with Ms. Meyser with whom we are co-operating.

The following services are available:

  • Providing wage and salary accounting
  • Filing of information to social security authorities
  • Payroll tax reporting
  • Other reporting (e.g. registration and unregistration of employees)
  • Providing documentation of salary and deductions
  • Maintenance of payroll accounts

International Accounting (IFRS)

We possess significant knowledge of:

  • Accounting in accordance with international Accounting Standards and deviations to HGB/DRS
  • The structure and contents of the "statement of changes in equity", the "cash flow statement" and "segment reporting"
  • Consolidated financial statements and the different types of consolidation
  • Conversion to IFRS accounting

The charges for all services will be billed on a monthly basis predicated upon a pre-agreed fixed package amount.